How to use Twitter to get a hold of the new album from Black Sabbath

By: David MacKenzie and David MackintoshSource: TechRadars main article Black Sabbath guitarist Brian Johnson is taking to Twitter to tell fans about a new album called Black Sabbath Dead.

Johnson says he’s excited about the new record and the new band, saying, “I can’t wait to see how you all respond.”

In a tweet sent today, Johnson says, “We have a new song called Black.

#Dead #BDS”The song has been covered by several acts, including Beyoncé, Pharrell, Kendrick Lamar, and Justin Timberlake.

Johnson also teased the new Black Sabbath album with the tweet: “I have just finished reading a song by a band called #BlackSabbath.

#Bones”Johnson’s tweets are the latest in a long line of Black Sabbath fans who have been vocal about their excitement for the band’s new album.

Johnson has also been vocal in recent years about how Black Sabbath will not be touring with other major bands, citing the bands lack of touring support as a major factor in their hiatus.

Johnson has been outspoken about his desire to tour with the Black Sabbath in the past.

Last month, he told Billboard magazine, “If they wanna do a tour and not be a big name act, that’s their right.

If they wanna tour and have a big hit and then not be on a major label, then I think that’s a very good thing for them to do.”

In the past few years, Black Sabbath has been on hiatus from touring in order to record a new solo album.

Johnson previously said he was in negotiations with major label Universal for a new Black, Sabbath album, but that he didn’t have a deal in place.

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