The New York Times’s Nate Silver: Trump’s victory is a sign of things to come

Nate Silver, a computer scientist who writes for The New Yorker, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and The Atlantic, says Trump’s win is a “slam dunk” for Democrats.

Silver’s conclusion comes as Republicans in Congress are rushing to enact a package of major tax increases and spending cuts.

“Trump is a huge loser,” Silver writes.

“I think his win is the first step toward a political disaster for the Republican Party.

The GOP is going to have a lot of work ahead of it.”

A look at some of the key takeaways from Silver’s article: A GOP Tax Plan Would Cost More Than $2 Trillion.

The most recent numbers show that Republicans in the House of Representatives would need to pass a bill with $1.3 trillion in tax increases to pass it.

That would be a huge hike over the $1 trillion GOP leaders proposed in the 2016 tax plan.

Democrats and their allies in the media are not backing down.

They have been working overtime to create the impression that the tax increases would cost as much as $2 trillion.

That is wrong.

The tax hikes are likely to add $1 to the $2.5 trillion that Republicans are already proposing.

That’s because the Senate bill does not include $1 for the additional tax increase and $1 in revenue.

That means the $700 billion in additional revenue would not go to the government.

The Tax Cuts Would Be Larger Than the Senate Tax Plan.

The House GOP tax bill does include $2 for the tax increase, which means it would cost $1 less than the Senate’s bill.

That could be a big deal.

In fact, Democrats say the tax cuts would amount to $3 trillion or more than the entire Trump tax proposal.

Republicans are trying to use that figure to say that the $3 billion in extra revenue is more than enough to offset the tax hikes.

“If you’re going to go through that, you’re either going to get a big tax cut, or you’re not going to,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told reporters last week.

“And if you’re looking at a tax cut that’s going to add to the deficit, that’s not going do it.”

The House Republican tax plan includes $1 of tax increase.

But the Senate tax bill includes $2 in additional tax revenue.

Democrats have tried to say Republicans are overstating the impact of the tax changes on the deficit.

That claim is false.

Republicans and their congressional allies have made the claim that the additional $1 will add $2 to the national debt.

But there is no evidence that the extra $1 is sufficient to offset all of the deficit increases.

That fact was widely reported by the media last week when Republicans were pushing the tax bills through Congress.

The fact is that the Republicans who control Congress will have to pass both the House and Senate tax bills, and they will have the opportunity to increase the deficit by trillions of dollars, to get those tax increases through.

But even with the $300 billion extra tax increase in the Senate, the debt would still be larger than the $900 billion deficit Republicans proposed in their bill.

A Republican Tax Cure Would Add $1 Trillion to the Debt.

The Senate bill would add $700 million to the debt over the next decade.

Democrats want to spend $1 billion on a tax credit to encourage businesses to hire and invest in the United States, which would be more than offset by the $600 billion in tax cuts.

Republicans argue that by encouraging investment, the bill would create jobs and spur economic growth.

But Democrats say Republicans have no plan to do that.

Republicans say they are willing to look at tax credits and stimulus measures, but the Senate plan will not include them.

Democrats say they will hold hearings to discuss a plan to expand Social Security benefits, which could add $600 to the projected $3.5 billion in projected deficit over 10 years.

They are hoping that a tax bill that includes those measures and a plan that includes a plan for the Social Security trust fund can be voted on by the House in the coming days.

What the Tax Cures Would Do to Social Security’s Trust Fund.

The Republican plan would increase the trust fund’s debt by $200 billion.

The bill would also add $400 billion in debt over 10 more years.

That will be enough to cause the Social Services Trust Fund to run out of money by 2026, if Congress does not act to fix the debt.

Social Security has a guaranteed income for all recipients of the program, but those guarantees are scheduled to expire in 2026.

Social security benefits will begin to dry up in 2024, and in 2025 the Social Protection Trust Fund is set to run dry.

The $300-billion deficit will be more of a problem for Social Security than for Medicare, which will be forced to rely on higher payroll taxes and higher payments from the Social Fund.

Republicans have argued that eliminating Social Security

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