What’s happening to the top 20 Canadian musicians?

A list of the 20 highest-earning Canadian musicians of the past 10 years, compiled by The Globe and Mail, reveals that while some of the players may be earning more than their peers, others are in fact earning less than their counterparts.

The list includes many of the country’s best-known and highest-paid artists, but also includes artists who may not have much in common.

For example, the list of highest-income musicians includes three musicians from Toronto, three from Ottawa and three from Montreal.

It also includes three artists from Quebec, two from Saskatchewan, one from Manitoba and one from British Columbia.

But the list includes two musicians from Newfoundland, two artists from Ontario and one musician from Alberta.

And the only musician from British Colombia, one who has made music internationally for the past decade, is not listed at all.

The top 20 musicians in Canada by earnings and income, as compiled by the Globe and News on Oct. 31, 2018.

These are the highest-paying Canadian musicians who made at least $100,000 in the last decade.

The most notable exception is the legendary pianist Paul Newman, who made his name with the 1960s jazz-rock hit, “Camelot.”

A year after his death in 2012, Newman had his estate sold to a group of investors who have spent the past 20 years building the New World Symphony Orchestra.

Newman’s estate is now worth $5.2 billion.

In his final years in the spotlight, Newman appeared in the 1970s television movie “The Other Side of the Coin” about a fictional band that played a big role in changing the musical landscape.

Newman also produced the musical “Loving Grace” for the Broadway musical.

His music was also used in the musical, which has gone on to become one of the top-grossing Broadway plays in history.

The Globe and the New York Times have compiled an extensive history of the New New World Musicians and their impact on music and music culture.

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