Nasri and Nasri’s ‘Hometown’ Album Is Coming Out in 2018

A new album by Nasri has been announced by Nasriss, Nasri, and the Alchemist’s label.

The artist shared the new track “Home” on Instagram, along with a video for the song that shows the duo performing on a stage with a fan.

The video is directed by Jaden Smith, who co-directed the film The Conjuring 2.

The track was produced by producer Danyka Nadeau.

“Home is a song I wrote for Nasri while he was still at home in New York,” the artist shared in a caption.

“It’s about a place he calls home.

It’s about coming back to that place, to that city, to this place that is home to him.”

“Home,” which is the first of the three Nasri-produced tracks on the album, was previously featured on the Nasri collaboration “Home & Away.”

“Hometown” marks Nasri as one of the more diverse artists working today.

“Nasri has always been a very diverse artist, but he’s a different person now,” he told Rolling Stone in 2016.

“I feel like I’m making music that is for everybody.

It feels good to be able to give something back to everybody.”

The Nasri track was previously produced by Danykas Smith, the Alchemist, and producer D’Angelo.

In addition to the collaboration with Nasri for the album “Home&Away,” Nasri also produced the music for the animated film The Nutcracker.

The film follows the adventures of two boys who, as they grow older, encounter a new world and the mysterious forces they encounter as they explore it.

The movie, which is about a boy and a girl named Aladdin, won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature film in 2017.

Nasri previously collaborated with rapper Lil Wayne, who also produced his own album, “My Life Would Suck Without You.”

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