Artist named as Georgia singer-songwriter’s son’s murderer

A Georgia man has been arrested after police say he confessed to murdering his son’s boyfriend.

Khalil James, 36, was charged with first-degree murder and was being held without bond Monday at the Alachua County Jail.

A neighbor told WXIA-TV that James told him he shot his 23-year-old boyfriend in the head during an argument at their home.

“It was very upsetting.

I was crying because I didn’t think he would kill anybody,” the neighbor said.”

He was just upset, and he wanted to hurt somebody,” the victim’s sister, Karla Smith, told the station.

“He said that if I ever saw him again, I would kill him.”

Khalim James, left, is charged with murder in the death of his son, Dylan, right.

(Alachua Police Department)Authorities have said James killed Dylan in January 2016 after a violent argument.

Police said James shot Dylan in the back and then left the scene, but his body was found in a wooded area a few days later.

According to WXGA-TV, authorities have not released a motive for the murder and have said they are looking into whether James had a relationship with Dylan.

“I think he’s a very disturbed individual, and that’s why it’s hard for us to understand how he could be able to do this,” Alachue County Sheriff David Smith told the television station.

“We are looking at all the circumstances surrounding the death, and we’re trying to figure out why he did it,” Smith added.

“We are still investigating it.”

Kylan James was a popular singer-turned-rapper.

He was born in Savannah, Georgia, to a single mother and a musician.

He spent most of his childhood in Florida and was the subject of a national rap video series.

He was also the subject for a music video, “The Man in the Mirror,” which appeared on the Discovery Channel in 2017.

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