Kai Musician’s Wish Bone Album ‘Major American Musician’ Will Be Released In November

By Adam J. BernsteinPublished July 07, 2017 10:59:00A band called Wish Bone have been busy for quite some time now.

They’ve had a number of albums and a string of releases under their belt, and have been releasing their own albums since 2011.

They have released one full length, Wish Bone (which was a self-titled release) and another full length that was titled Wish Bone and was titled Bones (which has since been renamed Bones and is due out in December).

This latest album, Wishbone, is their first full length since 2012’s Bones.

While Wishbone is a self titled release, it is an album that has been released under multiple names.

In its entirety, the album is 8 tracks and features over twenty different tracks, each of which is a song from different bands.

The title of the album, Major American Musicians, refers to the fact that the majority of the tracks on the album were written by the likes of singer-songwriter Kai Musician.

Wishbone has been available in both digital and physical formats for some time, but the album was never officially released in both formats.

The album’s main subject is the artist and their band, WishBone.

Kai Musifer said in an interview with Metal Hammer, “The title Major American Artists is not just for fans of wishbone but for the entire wishbone universe, so to speak.

The album is about wishbone, but it also is a collection of a number the band have written that I hope will be released sometime in November or December.”

It is unclear when or if this will be the case, but we are happy to be able to speculate on this new album’s release date as Wishbone’s last full-length.

The band released Wishbone in 2012, which was a full-sized record with only one track.

The record was released as a limited edition on iTunes for a limited time.

This limited edition of the record sold out in less than a week, and was released on vinyl at a limited quantity for fans to purchase.

In addition to the limited edition, the limited release of Wishbone was released digitally on iTunes.

WishBone was released in 2013 and 2014.

The band have since released a number more songs, each with a different band, on WishBone and Bones.

Wishbones release was also the last release from the band that didn’t feature Kai Musifel in the band.

Wish Bone was released two years ago, and it was released with a new artist and new songwriting process.

The new band member on Wish Bone is drummer and vocalist Jason Zawadzki, who has had a lot of success in the music industry.

Wish Bones newest single, “Honeymoon”, was released this past April.

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