How ‘The Muppets’ star Nick Offerman is taking on Alzheimer’s disease with a music video

In December, Nick Offering posted a video on Instagram showing himself singing a song about Alzheimer’s and sharing his story.

He says it’s a story about being part of a family and a community, and he has been thinking about his own life as a father and grandfather for years.

Nick Offermans story is told in his new music video for ‘The Animals’.

His voice is heard singing the song, which was recorded in late 2016, and it’s the first video in the new music series he’s directed.

He explains in the video that it’s about how much we care about our family, and how much it means to him to be the part of that family.

“The Animals is a story I want to tell you,” he says in the first few lines of the video, which starts with him singing “I have a dream.”

“I just can’t tell you how much I love you,” Nick says, “I can’t.”

He starts singing about the pain that his father, John, and his mother, Nancy, endured as he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in the 1990s.

His voice then turns to the video game ‘Grand Theft Auto’ where he talks about being a father, and then the song “Dumb and Dumber”.

Nick says the video is about growing older and caring for your family, but he says it was also about growing up.

“It’s about growing,” he said.

“I wanted to write about my own life.

I didn’t want to write a song for a game.”

Nick Offers ‘The Children’ music video is a tribute to his father John, a former drummer in the US military, who died in 2013 aged 76.

He wrote the song after learning he had Alzheimer’s.

“My dad, he was a soldier,” Nick told ABC News in 2016.

“He was the first person I saw on TV.

” I was just like, He’s my dad, my dad was my grandfather. “

I was raised by my grandparents. “

I was just like, He’s my dad, my dad was my grandfather.

I was raised by my grandparents.

I love my grandfather a lot.

I wanted to sing this song for him.”

Nick says he started writing the song in 2015 when he was living in New York City, and the video was recorded last year at the National Gallery of Art.

“And I had this really nice songwriter friend who wrote this song,” Nick said.

He has recorded a new version of the song that he wrote in his home studio and the song was also recorded at the Grand Ole Opry, which is a theatre in London.

“This is the best song I’ve ever written.

It’s just a tribute,” he told ABC Radio.

“There’s no way I could’ve written a song like this without it being recorded in New Orleans.

It was like my little secret.”

Nick said he and his family were devastated by John’s death.

“John died in New Jersey, but I think we were really close,” he explained.

“So we were trying to do something for him.

I had a family there.

I thought maybe if I got a song, I could do something special for him, and maybe sing it for him for a few days.”

He has shared a number of other songs about Alzheimer, including “My Little Girl”, “I’m Sorry” and “I Love You”.

He told ABC radio he wanted to be known for the song he wrote, but didn’t know how to write lyrics.

“We’re just not good at writing lyrics.

I really love this song. “

That song is a true testament to my dad.

I really love this song.

That’s all I’ve got. “

His last words were, ‘I love you, Nick.’

That’s all I’ve got.

And if I can get a song out of him, that’s all the songwriter is gonna be able to get out of me.”

“I want to sing for him because he’s my hero.

Nick is not the first musician to have shared a story of dementia. “

Nick’s always been a great father, he’s been my hero, he’ll always be my hero.”

Nick is not the first musician to have shared a story of dementia.

In March, actor and comedian Jimmy Fallon posted a tribute video to his wife, comedian Rosie O’Donnell.

In the video Fallon shared his thoughts on his father and his death, saying he would always remember him as “the most loving, generous and kind man I know.”

Fallon wrote, “A few days ago, I lost my dad to Alzheimer’s,” he wrote.

“You’re my hero and your son.

It means so much to me.”

Fallon also shared a video of his father on a walking cane in the middle of a snow-covered field, where he explained how the song about his father was recorded. “Now we

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