What happens when a musician takes on the FBI?

A veteran musician who has appeared in hits like “Shoot, Don’t Shoot” and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” has become the target of the FBI’s sting operations.

The musician, who is also a television actor, says he was never in any trouble in his 20 years of performing with the band the Dave Kennedy Band.

But after he went public, his record label, Sony, dropped him from the album he co-wrote with fellow Dave Kenneds, and his album, “The End of the Tour,” became a hit.

But the label also sued him and the band, and they lost.

He’s suing Sony for millions of dollars.

He says he’s being harassed by the FBI and is also seeking a restraining order.

NPR’s Steve Inskeep talks to the musician, his lawyer and the FBI.

He was one of the first musicians to take on the agency.

His story begins in 2006.

A band member says the band has been performing in a small venue in Hollywood for more than a decade.

The band’s first tour was in 2002, but the venue was shut down by the owners, who said they had to close due to an increase in the number of concert-goers.

So the band played its first show there, and after the first show, they decided to move to a different venue.

A few weeks later, the landlord called the band and asked them to leave.

They said they were going to take over the lease, which was $250 a month, according to the lawsuit.

They also wanted to sell the venue and rent out it for free, which they were willing to do, but they weren’t allowed to move.

And the landlord said he was going to shut down the venue if they didn’t move.

The group, which is known as the DaveKennedy Band, went into the venue.

And on their first day there, the owner gave them a tour guide to show them around.

They were supposed to be playing music, but there were no musicians, and the guide was not playing his instrument, according the lawsuit, which has not been made public.

The next day, the band started playing.

When the tour guide left, the group started playing, too.

The manager of the venue said the band members had to leave because the venue couldn’t accommodate them.

So they ended up at the police station.

The police told the band they would be arrested if they continued playing, the lawsuit said.

The tour guide told them that they would not be arrested because the band was not being violent, but he told them they would have to be arrested, too, if they played their instruments, the suit said.

Then the tour guides was arrested and charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and trespassing.

The agents arrested the band.

They took them to the station, where they were fingerprinted and fingerprinted again, according.

The officers told them the band would be released if they agreed to leave, and then the band got arrested again.

They refused.

They tried to fight the officers, but one of them pulled out a gun and shot them in the head.

He said he had a gun to his head.

The suit said they couldn’t even see the shooter.

When they were taken to the hospital, the man who shot them said that he didn’t even know what the word “gun” meant, according with the lawsuit filed by the lawyer of the band’s manager.

When police questioned the man, he said he’d never heard of the word gun, and he said the gunman was a “wizard” from the West Coast.

When a doctor from the hospital told the man that he needed to leave the hospital because he was in danger, he told the doctor to call the FBI, and when the FBI called the man back, he was arrested.

The man said that when he was brought to the FBI station, they were handcuffed, and one of their agents had his arm handcuffed behind his back.

The agent said the agents had him put into a van, where the agent threatened to shoot him, the musician said.

When he was released from the police officer’s car, the agent told the musician that he would be a hit, he claims.

The officer later claimed that he had made up the story.

He claimed the band had never had a band before.

The singer and manager told NPR they didn�t know of any other band with DaveKennys.

In fact, the DaveKennedy Band has been in the news recently.

Last month, the agency announced that it had opened a sting operation on a Los Angeles artist who is accused of being a child molester.

That artist was sentenced to two years in prison.

He has appealed that sentence, saying he was abused as a child and he was told to take the case to the federal courts.

But a federal judge in Los Angeles upheld the judge�s sentence.

The agency says it

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