A man’s search for his favorite musician in the ’90s ends with him paying a visit to a man’s basement

The man behind the music at the corner of West 12th and Broadway, whose life story was chronicled in the HBO series “House of Cards,” is in good company.

And he’s paid a visit.

Phil Taylor has always loved the music he heard growing up, and he always had a soft spot for jazz.

He was a jazz musician in high school, playing in bands and on the drums, but it was in the mid-2000s that he started to really gravitate toward the music of the era.

He loved the sounds of jazz, but he also loved the feeling of a jazz solo.

Taylor was a regular in the local jazz clubs, and his interest in the music was infectious.

“I was so in love with it, I couldn’t stop,” Taylor told me.

He began writing about jazz, and in 2013, he released his first album of jazz songs, titled “The Jazz Singer.”

But Taylor says he was never able to write a solo record, until he found a copy of the book “A Man’s Search for His Favorite Musician in the 1980s.”

“It’s one of those things that’s kind of magical in the way it’s so much different than anything else I’ve ever done before,” Taylor said.

“The songs I wrote in the book were so fresh and so unique, and they were so beautiful and so different.

It was a perfect combination of music that’s been so popular, and something that’s so very different.”

Taylor’s experience writing the book also helped him find a new kind of jazz.

“It was like, ‘OK, what is jazz?’

I thought, ‘Oh, I know what jazz is,'” Taylor said, “and then I got to the last page and there’s this line that just says ‘Jazz.’

And I’m like, oh, my god, I love it.”

The book caught Taylor’s interest.

“As soon as I read the book, I knew this is something I really wanted to do, and it was so fun to get to this point,” Taylor added.

“And then I started to think about the music in the movie, and I thought about the songs I did, and the songs that I wanted to write about.

And then I was like ‘Wow, I’m so much more ambitious now than I was before.

I want to write this much more.'”

Taylor spent the next three years working on the book and recording a recording, which he titled “Jazz Singer: The Complete Album,” with producer Jeffery Davis.

It arrived in 2017, and Taylor is still writing the new album.

“We’ve done an amazing job,” he said.

Taylor hopes to release the album in 2018.

The music is a little bit more focused.

Taylor said he wants to make sure his voice sounds good in the recording, and there are also some songs that are a little more traditional in style, like “Mood Indigo.”

Taylor also wants to try out new music that he has been working on over the years.

“That’s really what’s new,” Taylor explained.

“There’s this music that I really love, but I really need to get into the studio, because it’s kind to my ears, it’s just a little too old-school.

So I want a little something that I can fall back on.”

He said he’s looking forward to recording a new record, but right now, he is focused on his new music.

“All of this new stuff, I think, is really kind of a blessing in disguise,” Taylor remarked.

“When you’re in the studio working on something, it gives you a lot of freedom to create.

And that’s definitely the thing that’s really exciting about my new music.”

Taylor also said that he’s happy that the new music sounds so much better than the albums he has done before.

“You can see that there’s more of a presence and a deeper sound in this record,” Taylor noted.

“But at the same time, I don’t feel like there’s any need to do a whole new album, or anything like that.

The songs that you love, the ones that are familiar, the songs you love are all the same.”

Taylor said that the music will be “just as good as the music you’re used to.”

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