Why is a rock star’s music so important to them?

The last time James Lynch was at home, he was playing drums with a band he co-founded.

It was around 2006 when the singer-songwriter decided to get involved in a band called The Black Diamonds.

His dad was a member of the band and he had been playing drums for them for a while.

Lynch was born in Australia, and his family lived in Perth when he was five years old.

His music was also an outlet for him to escape the city and explore his inner world, with songs such as ‘Sugar Man’, ‘Pilot’ and ‘I Can’t Stop The Music’.

The singer-guitarist was born into a family of rock and roll music fans.

He grew up in a music family, he says, and the music is what he really enjoys doing.

Lynching, who was born on May 2, 1993, has spent a lot of time working on his solo career, from writing lyrics for his debut album, ‘Crazy Lonely’ to touring with his band, The Black Keys.

He’s also worked with some of the biggest names in Australian music including The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones and Foo Fighters.

But now, with the band in a new incarnation, it’s his solo ambitions that are on the agenda.

Lynched has been playing guitar in a variety of bands and styles since the early 1990s, but he’s always been interested in performing with other musicians.

“I love music, and I’ve always had a very eclectic approach to music, but I’ve been playing a lot with other people,” he says.

“The Black Diamond was just kind of a big inspiration for me.”

Lynch has a number of influences, including the likes of The Beach Boy, The Beach Band and David Bowie.

“They’re very much the kind of music that I wanted to play, but they also kind of pushed me to get away from the conventional.”

That was the thing that really got me going in the first place,” he adds.

Lynchi has also worked closely with the late David Bowie and The Beach Party, as well as working with members of The Black Eyed Peas.

Lynches younger brother Duncan, a singer-producer who’s a big fan of the rocker, is also a member.

Duncan was born and raised in Melbourne and moved to Perth when Lynch was in his early teens.

Lynchy says the two are very close, having attended a few music festivals together.”

Duncan is one of the most amazing guitar players I’ve ever met,” Lynch says.

LynCH, who’s also the bassist for the band The Black Wings, has played with some great rock bands in the past, but says he’s currently focussing on his own solo career.”

We’re doing a couple of tours right now,” he explains.”

This is my second tour and we’ve been doing three of them at the moment.

“My first tour was in 2013, and it was a pretty big hit and I was really happy about it.”

Lynching says the band will be releasing its fourth album, titled ‘We Are The Black Suns’, in the coming months.

It will be the first album from the band’s solo career and, while it will be a departure from the music he’s been producing, Lynch says it will still be music he loves to play.

“It’s definitely music that you can play while working,” he admits.

“You can play something that’s really personal to you, like a song that’s about a family or something that you’d be proud of doing in your own life.”

And it’s not just a pop song.

I’m really excited about the album, so we’re definitely looking forward to doing it.

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