Why is the New York Times so anti-feminist?

A new generation of feminist writers are pushing the boundaries of the media to reach a younger audience.

But the New Yorker is still too big and too influential to ignore.

New Yorker cover girl Lil Jon performs at the 2017 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California, February 10, 2018.

(Photo: Alex Brandon/Invision/AP)New Yorker co-founder Anna Wintour is the first woman to headline the magazine’s front page since its founding in 1951.

And with the arrival of the first female editors and an expanding roster of female journalists, the paper is poised to become a beacon of hope for women and other marginalized groups, including people of color, women who are trans, people with disabilities, people living with HIV, and others. 

But while Wintours coverage has been praised by critics and celebrities alike, her treatment of feminism has been fraught.

While Wintou’s work has included reporting on feminism in the United States and abroad, she has also faced backlash for writing that “feminism is dead,” a sentiment that has been widely shared.

In a recent interview with The Atlantic, Wintouch said that her decision to step away from covering feminism had to do with her desire to do more.

“I had to figure out how to live without it,” she said.

“If I were to be completely honest, I’m going to say that my whole career is predicated on feminism.

And if I’m wrong about anything in the world, I have to be very clear about it.”

But the backlash to Wintough’s decision has also prompted her to reconsider.

The New Yorker’s cover girl, who has also spoken out against the media’s “misogyny and racism,” says that her cover for the magazine has been “totally misogynist,” adding that it is “a huge mistake” to dismiss feminism.

But she also said she is glad she is still writing about feminism.

“It’s just been a privilege to have been part of the conversation,” Wintout told The Atlantic.

“It was really a privilege being able to have the space to talk about things like trans issues and to talk to women, because it’s not just about men.

It’s about everyone.”

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