When Chris Sanders is NOT the Latest Guest Star on a Musical

I am so sorry that the story of how I found out about Chris Sander’s music on an episode of the “Today” show last week was not a happy one.

I know it is a little harsh to say that, but I really do wish I could have been there to witness this kind of talent when it was just a few years ago.

But then again, this is the reality of my job, and it is no laughing matter.

The music I was playing was the same music that I am now playing on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

And for the record, I am thrilled to report that I have now gotten a Grammy nomination for the song “Basketball Night in America.”

But what about the story behind the story?

I have been asked about this on many occasions, and I have always maintained that the song was written by a friend of mine and has been in the works for a while.

The story was first told in a letter to the New York Times, written by Chris Sandes and published last November.

It was the kind of letter that I think a lot of musicians would want to be heard on.

So here it is.

The truth behind the Chris Sanderson story, the story that I told you yesterday.

“Basket of Dreams” was written in 1997.

I wrote the melody, the lyrics, and the chorus in my spare time.

The first time I played it, I was a member of a local punk band, and we played it at a show at a friend’s house.

I was in the audience at the time, and my friend was playing along with us.

The band was called “Bass Band,” and we were called the “Punk Kids.”

I had been playing bass in a punk band since the mid-’90s.

My bass player, Tim, was a huge, huge fan of punk rock.

He’d been around for a long time.

He played bass in bands like the Mamas and the Papas, and bands like that, so it was clear to him that I was an interesting character to be around.

We got along pretty well.

We didn’t have much in common, and when Tim started talking about the band, it was always with an earnest tone.

I can’t say that he really cared what I thought, but he was always there to support the music.

So, at one point, I played bass on a record called “Punch-Drunk Love” with a local group called “The Boys.”

It was a punk rock record, and one of the songs on it was about a girl who gets kidnapped by a gang of people.

The lyrics were about a guy who takes a trip with a girl to an abandoned mansion.

He’s not allowed to go there because he’s a bad person.

But he’s there, and he’s kind of a jerk, so he’s willing to do whatever it takes to help the girl out.

He tries to help her, but then the girl is kidnapped by these thugs.

He doesn’t want to do anything that could cause trouble.

But this girl, the one who’s taken by the gang, doesn’t know anything about her captors, so she’s just being a little bit crazy.

She gets kidnapped, and all of a sudden, the gang comes to take her.

They kidnap the girl, and they’re throwing her out into the desert.

The gang members, they shoot her, and she falls down.

Then they throw her in a dumpster.

Then she gets her leg amputated, and then she’s left to be killed.

The song has the line, “We were out on the road.”

That’s a reference to the song, “Dangerous.”

It’s a pretty straightforward song.

I thought that I would have a pretty good track record, because my bandmates would have been around when I was doing my stuff, and you know, it’s the most fun.

And then I got the chance to play the song with a friend, and at the end of the song I said, “Wait a minute, that wasn’t me playing the song.

That was Chris Sanding.”

The next time we played that song, I got a phone call from Chris.

He had this friend, he was a drummer in a band called “Stairway to Heaven.”

The band had been around since the late ’90s, and Chris was an old friend.

They were playing a show together.

We went out to dinner at the restaurant, and after dinner we went back to the apartment.

The friend had just come from the band’s dressing room, and was sitting in a chair by the door.

He was listening to the music on the stereo, and in the background, Chris was playing a solo guitar solo.

And that was how he first met Chris.

“Oh, that’s my friend Chris Sand

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