How to help Alex Hirsch’s brother Alex’s ‘super band’ and win an Australian record deal

On the eve of his first major Australian concert, Alex Hessler’s brother, bassist Alex Hester, has a big announcement to make.

In the words of his brother Alex, Alex is joining the legendary rock band Blink 182, as the band’s first full-time member.

“We just had a baby, so we’re in this weird situation where we’re both parents and we want to be in the band, so I’m a big Blink fan and a huge Blink fan of all the Blink guys,” Alex told ABC Radio Melbourne’s AM.

The Blink-182 team have been in Australia for over a decade, playing festivals, performing and touring around the country.

“So it’s like, if you’re in Blink, we’re the best in the world,” Alex said.

Alex Hester has been a major rock star for decades.

In 2008, he won the Australian Recording of the Year award, and in 2009, he was nominated for an Australian Music Award.

In 2010, he played a key role in the critically acclaimed documentary film ‘The Future’ and won the Best Music Performance award at the 2011 Australian Music Awards.

“It’s just crazy to be able to be here in Australia and be able contribute to the Australian music scene and really work with so many talented people,” Alex Hiser said.

“There’s so many great bands, and it’s just awesome to see the band Blink-talented, and so many other bands that have been doing it for so long and to have it all be in one place and be together, and really get together.”

Alex Hiser was one of Australia’s most successful artists, but the music industry is also changing.

“Now, when you have a baby and you’re on tour, you’re going through a period of time where you’ve got to make decisions about whether you’re doing a tour or not, and you’ve gotta make decisions on your career,” he said.

For Alex, the Blink- 182 move will be a boost to his career.

“I think I’ll be able just do a lot of different things in my life, and be more productive with my career, because I can do more of those kind of things,” he added.

The band has already been booked to play four dates in Victoria over the next few weeks.

The Australian rock scene is thriving, and the country is becoming a hub for rock music.

“Australia’s definitely becoming a huge rock scene, and there’s a lot more music coming out in Australia than ever before, and we’re definitely going to see a lot bigger festivals and more bands coming out,” Alex explained.

“And this is an incredible opportunity for me to be a part of the Blink family.”

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