What’s in the SIA’s new album?

SIA singer-songwriter and child actor Scott Walkers new album is scheduled for release on June 5, 2018.

The album features collaborations with two other musicians, Joji Musician and Seal Musician.

The song “My Name is” is also featured on the album.

The music video for the song, “Sonia”, will be released on June 13.

In the video, Scott walks onstage with a white dress and a red dress with an open collar, with a blonde wig on her head and red lipstick, wearing a red sequin dress.

Walkers voice in the video is recorded by his wife, Nicole.

“My name is Scott Walker, and this is my song ‘My Name Is,'” she says.

“It’s a really beautiful song, and it’s really about me, about being an artist, and about how my music is a way to make people happy and it can also help change lives.”

The singer-musician is a co-founder of the online music sharing platform SoundCloud.

The couple has been friends for a long time, dating to 2012.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine in 2017, Nicole said that they have been best friends since they were kids.

“We’ve been best of friends since we were kids,” she said.

“There are a lot of things we do together that are really important to us, and we try to do it in a way that helps us be able to grow and help people.”

Walkers latest album, My Name Is, is the latest in his long run as an artist.

He is the founder and CEO of SoundCloud, the music sharing service that allows anyone to upload music.

He has written music for films like the movie Frozen and TV shows including Parks and Recreation, American Dad and The Office.

He also has a series of video projects he released as part of the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

The band’s debut album, I Know You Like It, is out on June 11, 2018 and will be available for streaming on SoundCloud and iTunes.

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