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TRADE IN: Trades open in the US on Friday, as the Trump administration looks to roll back restrictions on companies that produce the deadly Ebola virus.

The move would make it easier for US companies to buy and sell U.S. assets, such as factories and farms.

It could also give the government more leverage in cases of importation of Ebola-contaminated goods, such from the Horn of Africa.

In the past, the Trump Administration has tried to prevent imports of imported Ebola-resistant medicine.

A ban on the importation and sale of certain drugs such as ZMapp and Kymriah has been on hold for years, despite efforts by several senators to expand it.

The United States currently has only one licensed producer for the drug Kymricah, but it plans to get an additional license for the next batch.

Trump said on Thursday that he had not made a decision about the import ban, saying the administration will review the issue in the coming weeks.

The Trump administration has been ramping up the fight against the deadly virus, with officials pledging to spend billions of dollars to try to contain the spread.

The Trump administration also announced on Friday that the US will start requiring airlines to test for passengers with Ebola before allowing them on board.

The decision comes after a series of US airlines began allowing passengers with the virus to board without testing.

U.S.-backed governments in Liberia and Sierra Leone have also been rampaging in the West African nation, seizing and killing scores of people as they battle to contain Ebola.

Last week, the Liberian government declared a state of emergency in the wake of the deadly outbreak, which has killed more than 8,300 people.

The U.N. Security Council is to discuss the situation on Friday.

Ebola has killed hundreds of thousands of people in West Africa since the outbreak began in December 2014.

A U.K. man who had been in quarantine since August is among those infected with the deadly strain of Ebola, according to the World Health Organization.

Trump’s order to cut off visas to anyone with Ebola-related symptoms has caused international protests.

The World Health Association called on the United States to halt the travel ban and said there was a need to develop a strategy to contain and control the virus.

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