How to keep your music career afloat in Canada

Bob Morgan’s music career is booming.

The musician from Burnaby, B.C., is one of the few people to have achieved the Canadian solo-artist status.

He was born in Calgary and moved to Victoria when he was 4, then eventually moved to Toronto, where he has been making music ever since.

“I would always hear about artists who were out there on their own but couldn’t make it on their feet,” Morgan said.

“It’s like an addiction, I guess.”

Morgans music career began at the age of 8, when his parents encouraged him to take a music class.

“My parents told me I could go and learn to play guitar and drums.

They taught me how to play drums and I would play them back home.

They wanted me to go back to my parents house and take piano lessons,” he said.”

They didn’t tell me how good it would be to be a singer.”

Morgan went to the University of Victoria, where in 1968, he was admitted to the band program and took a guitar-and-bass program in 1971.

“At that point, my dad was also going through a rough patch, and he was looking for help.

So, I ended up going to Vancouver where I started playing with the Beach Boys, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones,” he recalled.”

After a while, I got really good and I ended a career that I’ve always wanted.”

In 1973, Morgan began playing in a band with his father and brother.

“It was the best band I’d ever heard.

It was just a great, fun group of guys, but it was also very challenging.

They didn’t really have any ideas.

It just took a lot of practice,” he remembered.”

But I was really into it.”

That was where he started making music.

Morgan’s career took off when he joined the band of singer-songwriter-guitarist John Lennon and his wife, Yoko Ono in 1973.

“When we got into the band, I knew I wanted to make a song.

So I just sat down and wrote a song,” he explained.”

The lyrics were simple: we need a good man who will fight for us.

We need a man who is willing to sacrifice for us.””

When I came out of the band with that song, I became the first Canadian solo artist to have a song out on the radio.

It changed my life.”

Morgan is currently working on a new album that will be out in late 2018.

“There’s a lot more stuff coming out, I hope, that I haven’t even talked about yet.

It’s going to be more ambitious, but more about being true to my own musical vision and my own identity,” he added.”

Hopefully, it will be a bit of a wake-up call for the world to listen.”

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