Why ‘The Big Sick’ is the best thing to happen to music in 2017

Chris Sanders, the singer of the new band The Big Sick, is a one-man band.

He’s the frontman and lead vocalist, as well as the songwriter, and is the band’s main songwriter.

They’ve played shows all over the country and have toured the world, but in a time when the industry is looking to diversify, the band is still stuck with a certain sonic identity.

They’re not really known for their pop songs, but they are known for being hip-hop.

And that’s not something that’s been a problem with The Big Sh*t, who have been known for a couple of years now to have their sound defined by rap and rap songs.

That’s what makes The Big S*t so great.

I think a lot of people who were familiar with them before they came out have a little bit of a nostalgia for them.

So, they have this little bit that’s kind of like a nostalgia bubble for them, and people can kind of relate to them.

They have this sound.

I don’t know if it’s a huge problem, but it does feel a little odd to see it.

When you’ve got a bunch of people with their own distinct sound, the only way you can find a balance is to try to be like that.

They do that perfectly.

And I think that’s the most interesting thing about the band.

It’s not just that they have a certain sound.

It doesn’t really feel like The Big Show, it’s more like they’re all these different sounds that are all connected.

When they’re performing live, people get a lot more excited because they know it’s all connected, and they know the songs are all different.

They don’t sound like each other.

It feels like a big, big ensemble.

That is really, really cool.

But it’s also a little weird for the audience.

It makes it kind of difficult for people to relate to these different things.

I have a lot, like, 10 songs in my head right now, and a lot that’s just like this other thing.

There’s a little something about that, like I’m a little more familiar with it than other people.

The biggest problem that The Bigs have, I think, is they don’t have a good sense of what their music should sound like.

The songs don’t seem to be really good.

I was listening to The Big Shoes last night, and I was like, “Oh, it sounds like this one,” and then they went, “We don’t really know how to make these good songs,” and I just started laughing.

I just felt like that was the biggest thing.

Like, I don, like… that’s really weird, I feel like that’s what The BigS*t need to find a sound, a sound that is not really, like.

I feel that’s why people don’t buy albums or buy music from them.

That they can’t really relate to the sound that they’re making.

I love music, and if I could find a way to make my own sound, I would love to make it my own.

I really, I really do, and it’s kind to see that they’ve really stuck to that.

So they’re really good at that.

If you can understand their sound, and at the same time have a bit of empathy, I guess that’s a lot easier than being like, I can’t understand what that other person is doing.

They can’t relate to what I’m doing.

I guess they can relate to that kind of thing, too.

I’ve been listening to their music for a long time now, but I’ve never heard them sing a song.

It seems like they have to sing it live.

I know it sounds crazy, and that’s totally their style.

It sounds like they don, they sing like, they just kind of go, like a really heavy, heavy song, and then there’s just a couple other people singing.

It was very cool to hear that.

But I think there’s also this whole other thing of how it’s like a little piece of their identity.

I felt like when I was at school, the music was sort of a big part of the school life, and there was a lot going on with it.

I remember playing music at the local gym, and just, like being a kid in that environment, it kind-of felt like there was this sort of like, a bit, “this is what I do,” like I was really, just sort of in this little bubble.

I’m sure they’ve gotten a little wiser over time, but like it was still there.

But, yeah, I have this weird feeling about The Big Shots.

I get that they just don’t fit the other stuff that people are talking about.

And there’s a big divide between, like they

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