“Huge Elephant Man” music video features elephant on set

By Emily G. Seaman | October 12, 2018 11:07amA music video for the song “Hugo the Elephant Man,” featuring the famous elephant, has been released by Elephant Man, a music group formed by Grammy-winning artist Mavis Staples.

The video, titled “Hugu,” features a variety of elephants on the set of a circus, including an elephant named “Hudson” and a “Lucky” named “Gideon.”

In a tweet, Staples said the song’s title refers to Staples’ love for elephants.

“The song was originally called ‘Hugos’ by Mavis & I,” Staples wrote.

“Its a huge Elephant Man who sings in the background & the chorus is like a tribute to my love of elephants & the music of the song.

We’re also working on a new song to be released soon & hopefully, soon!”

The song’s video was shot in Kenya and was released in April.

Staples also released a new music video earlier this year.

The “Hood” singer also has other recent music videos.

In January, she released a video for “The Most Beautiful Day” in which she and a fellow rapper, “Big Sean,” appear in the jungle.

The two have also appeared together on “The Voice.”

The song also appears on the album “Miles Ahead” and on Staples’ new album, “I Am Mavis.”

In an interview with “The Breakfast Club,” Staples told host Tim McGraw that she loves the idea of elephants as “my personal pet.”

“When I first heard that the elephant song came out, I thought it was just great,” she said.

“I love elephants.

They’re cute, and I’m so grateful to have a bunch of them around.”

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