Harry LeWis, Fletcher and Don Francisco: What do they all have in common?

Harry Lewis (left) and Fletcher Fletcher, both musicians, joined forces in 1975.

They recorded and recorded two albums together, The Music Man and the Music Man 2. 

 Both musicians have since gone on to found their own musical groups, the jazz trio The Fletcher Brothers and the jazz quartet The LeWises. 

“It’s amazing how much they’ve grown,” said LeWise.

“They’re all very well-known and respected.

We’ve seen them perform together on the world stage, and I think we’ve got a very special friendship.” 

 Fletcher’s music has appeared in such big-name film and television shows as the movie The Man Who Would Be King and in such TV shows as Game of Thrones. 

The Loses and the Loves have played live at the Grammy Awards in the US, UK and Australia. 

Fellow musician, Don Franciscos band The Fletcher Brothers is best known for its albums, including The Music Man, The Love Machine and The Song of Love. 

According to Fletcher, they are just a little bit different.

“Don Franciscas music is more of a bluesy, folkish type of thing,” he said.

“It’s a little more traditional. 

It’s kind of like the blues, but more bluesy and more soulful. 

They are just all about a sense of music.

We don’t play a lot of jazz, we don’t really have a lot to do with country music. 

We like to have our own sound and we like to be unique. 

In our world, we’re all just like this.” 

“We’re all about creating our own world,” added Fletcher.

“We don’t just play to the masses.

We’re not trying to be the best.

We are the best of the best, the best on stage, in the studio.” 

The Fletchers are currently touring across the US.

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