How to create a bitcoin wallet with a few keys

How to set up a bitcoin private key in your computer to prevent a malicious software program from sending bitcoins to your bitcoin wallet.

Article 1: Install the software, and set up the bitcoin private keys article Download and install the free Bitaddress app, available on Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

If you are on an iPhone, click here to download it.

The app is free for a limited time, but it may not always be up to date with all Bitcoin Core releases.2: Open the app, and enter the following command to import your bitcoin private and public keys:import wallet_privatekey.key2: Set the password for your private key, and use it to encrypt your private keys, then save the file.3: Now, open the Bitaddress account, and click on the “Manage” link.4: Click on “Add a new address” to enter your bitcoin address.5: Enter your address, and your private and open keys.6: Click “Add Address” to send bitcoins from your address to your wallet.

Click “Send” to create an address for your bitcoin transaction.7: Enter the bitcoin address, address private key and a confirmation code to send the bitcoin.8: Click the “Start” button to start sending bitcoins.9: Click here to view the complete history of your bitcoins sent and received.10: Click this link to get a QR code to scan into your phone to view your bitcoin history.

You will need to save the QR code and then print it out to save your private bitcoin key and your public key in case you lose it.11: To transfer your bitcoins from one address to another, just scan the QR codes and use your phone’s camera to scan the address.12: When you have sent the bitcoins to another address, click “Close” to confirm your transaction.13: If you need to verify your transaction, click on “Confirm Transaction” to see if the transaction is valid.14: If your bitcoins are not ready, click the “X” icon in the top right corner to exit the app and log out of your Bitcoin Core account.15: To download the wallet app for Windows, click this link.16: To open your wallet, click any address, then click on your private address.

Click on your public address to see your bitcoin balance and send bitcoins to it.17: Click that icon in your address bar to open your bitcoin account.18: To import your private wallet, you must select the private key that you have saved and enter it in the address bar.19: Enter a message for your wallet and then click “Submit.”20: Enter that message and click “Send”.21: Click next to “Confirmation Code”.22: Enter in the message you received and click the next button.23: Enter “X”.24: Enter all the remaining text and click next to next.25: Your bitcoins are ready to send.

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